Hi, ControlUp users! Today I want to briefly discuss a new Community SBA that was posted recently, “Display DLLs loaded by process”.

We had a request to be able tell which DLLs are loaded by a given process. Why would we want to do that? It seems that sometimes a program may be misbehaving on …

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Script Based Actions was mentioned in my ControlUp 3.0 overview blog as one of the new major additions in ControlUp 3.0, this blog post will provide an in depth coverage on the new SBA feature.

SBA’s allows ControlUp admins to extend the built-in management actions library by importing PowerShell, VB or batch scripts into the …

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The last few months have been very busy for us here at Smart-X. The team worked long days and nights to put the final touch on our latest release – ControlUp 3.0.

We could not have asked for a more successful reception than the one we got with the Webinar we did together with Trond Eirik …

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As a community facing product, we always try to engage our end users and listen to their requests so we can optimize ControlUp based on their needs. In addition to our regular communications with ControlUp admins, we decided to take it up a notch and approach experts from the Citrix, Virtualization & RDS Community and …

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ControlUp 3.0, our next major release, is right around the corner. With CU 3.0 beta published to the beta community early January (feel free to join the beta program by sending an e-mail to support@smart-x.com), I figured it’s a good time to update our community about the great new features available in ControlUp 3.0.

ControlUp 3.0 …

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This document applies to any version of: Remote Desktop Services, XenApp, XenDesktop, XenServer, VMware View, VMware, MS Hypervisor and Microsoft Servers.


Modifying or adding registry setting on multiple virtual or physical machines (RDP/Citrix sessions, physical machines) without modifying the Group Policy is always a challenge.
In this short “How to” article we will illustrate how …

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Last week we had a great ControlUp Webinar with Citrix Ready.

In this Webinar I covered the key themes that were synonymous with ControlUp from the day we launched it:

Total Real-Time Visibility ( Starting at 09:33 in the embedded video )
Comprehensive Multi-Target Management ( Starting 24:00 in the embedded video …

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One small and powerful ControlUp feature which often goes unnoticed by many users is the ability to use advanced search filters inside ControlUp main views. Since this seems to be a pretty useful feature, I decided to share this with our community and present some use cases.

Let’s start with something simple like filtering the Computers …

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During the last months, we have received numerous queries from ControlUp users anxious to leverage ControlUp for historical reporting and trend tracking purposes. After all, if ControlUp is so good at monitoring the current state of affairs in your server farm, why not allow the admin to generate historical reports?

In order to offer this functionality …

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Systems administrators who are responsible for configuring and troubleshooting Group Policy are familiar with the uncertainty involved in this task. Once configured, a Group Policy Object is supposed to start affecting users and/or computers, but there is no quick and easy way to ensure that Group Policy is indeed active and working as expected. So …

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